Winding Road

I love the open road! It signifies freedom, adventure and independence. It's just you and what's ahead. There's something amazing in every corner and every long stretch. There's something spectacular about the sights, smells and sounds you'll experience on your journeys. There's something unmistakable about that freedom.

Whether it's the freedom to go on long road trips or the freedom to go to the shops...that freedom is yours if you want it. If you're visiting our website, then you know that to make the most of that freedom you need to be a safe & competent driver.


We're here to help!

Expert Driver Training is raising the bar for service quality by providing a friendly and encouraging learning environment and excellent customer service. We understand that everyone is different so we're very supportive and work with each person at their pace. 

- Linda Smith

Our Story


Driving Force

We exist to create a safe and tolerant learning environment. We want you to be an exceptional all-rounded driver.


Expertise & Experience

Out certified Instructors and accredited Assessors teach our customers using the 'Driver Competency Standard' as set by



We love what we do!


Servicing Hobart Area

We're servicing the Greater Hobart Area. For a complete list of suburbs, please check out our Home page.


Customer First

Tailored lessons with simple & clear teaching methods underscore our approach to ensure you are successful.



We do out best to accommodate your needs and are happy to pick you up and drop you off in different locations.